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Special Free Offer for Any Order Over $200


Add Your Choice of One Free Product to Your Minimum $200 Order

free gift If the subtotal (cost before shipping or surcharges) is $200 or more you are entitled to select one product from our "Free Product" page and add it to your order. To link to our "Free Product" page please click here

Special Free Offers for First Time Orders!


Free $30 Gift Pack Plus 30% Off of Retail!

free gift If this is your first time ordering Dr. Wallach's products you will be happy to know that along with your first order the following two items ($30 value) are yours for absolutely FREE!

  • Dr. Wallach's famous "Medical Dogmas and Lies" CD.
  • Optional subscription to the Youngevity ehealth Newsletter.
Note: If you want the newsletter please drop us a note at stu@majesticearth-minerals.com with your permission to list you as a subscriber to the newsletter.


Free Bottle of GlucoGEL!

free bottle of GlucoGel If you purchase one of Dr. Wallach's famous PIG PACKS on your first time order be sure to ask for an extra (free!) bottle of Ultimate GlucoGEL** ($25 retail value). Ultimate GlucoGEL is one of the finest glucosamine/chondroitin sulphate products on the market and as such provides the precise mix of proteins the body requires in its efforts to both maintain and reclaim musculo skeletal health. Give yourself a jump on the process of strengthening bone and rebuilding worn away cartilage by asking for your extra (free!) bottle of Ultimate GlucoGEL to be included with your first time order of one Pig Pack.


Free small GlucoGel with purchase of two CM Plus

free bottle of GlucoGel For a limited time only, we extend a helping hand to all those faced by musculo-skeletal challenge by donating one small bottle of Ultimate GlucoGel ($17.50 value) to each purchaser of two bottles of CM Plus.    find out how

* The nutritional supplements recommended on this website are produced by Youngevity, founded by Dr. Joel Wallach in 1997. It is Youngevity's mission to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements at an affordable price to the millions of Americans who can benefit from them. None of the statements above have been evaluated by the F.D.A. None of the statements above are to be understood as diagnosis or treatment of a disease or disease condition. They are for educational purposes only. Ultimately one's own health is one's own responsibility. What is written above should be considered one voice among many. Talk to your medical professional. Interrogate a qualified Naturopath. Go to the library. Scour the Internet. Consult with trusted friends. In the end you will want to make up your own mind according to your own best judgment and based on the evidence / research you are able to look at..
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