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Beyond Tangy: Complete Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex

Beyond TangyPick up a health magazine, visit a wellness website, talk to your family doctor, survey any number of scientific journals or just consult your own, good common sense and the message you get will be the same: fresh fruits and vegetables are wonderful for our health! What do they have that Dr. Wallach's supplements don't already give us? We know plants can't give us the minerals we need due to the poverty of our farm soils, but what they can and do give us are the precious, 'live,' plant enzymes unique to whole foods and they give us something else: groupings of complex, tiny molecules called "phytonutrients. 

Though small in size, phytonutrients can have an enormous impact on our health. A fruit or vegetable, harvested at the peak of maturity, right off the vine, has essentially captured the goodness and bounty of Nature itself and stuffed that goodness into a sort of chemical savings account. The benefit of years of plant evolution, the benefit of sunshine, clean air and fertile soil is literally stored up as phytonutrients and unlocked when we include fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. 

Certainly Dr. Wallach's centerpiece supplements are unequaled when it comes to laying down a core foundation for optimal health but fresh fruits and vegetables finish the job shielding us against ill health with a final layer of armor. In particular, to name a few phytonutrient components, fruits and vegetables arm our body with terpenes, corotenoids, limonoids, phytosterols, phenols, flavinoids, anthocyanidins, isoflavones, thiols, glucosinolates, allylic sulfides, idoles, isoprenoids, etc. Each of these, and there are hundreds more known and perhaps thousands more not yet discovered, confers a specific health benefit from anti-cancer to anti-aging, to lowering cholesterol, to cell development, to disease prevention, to protection against radiation, to alleviating stress, etc. For details concerning specific phytonutrients and their health benefits you are welcome to link to:


The problem is, how many of us take in the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Can you think of one day in the last month when you did? Modern life just does not allow it. To shop for, let alone grow and harvest or prepare and serve five to nine servings a day, day in and day out, requires tremendous time and effort. Grocers don't help us. They are more interested in marketing than food value. We see apples that have been waxed, oranges that have been dyed, bananas that have been gassed, tomatoes that have been 'engineered.' Unless you buy them at a specialty store, fruits and vegetables are, generally, full of pesticides and toxins. And even at a specialty store they have been picked green, trucked in, held in storage and 'treated' to please our eye, not satisfy our health.

Fortunately, with the advent of a break-through technology called "NutraCrystal" technology, we are now able to capture, concentrate and crystallize the phytonutrients from 115 different fruits and vegetables and offer them in the form of a delicious, game-changing nutritional powder called "Beyond Tangy." Not only that, we apply this same technology to capturing, vaporizing and crystallizing the liquid, organic, plant derived essential minerals and include them in the Beyond Tangy as well! And to top it off we include crystalline glucosamine / chondroitin sulfate, inositol, choline, MSM, Co-enzyme Q10 and many, many other important health-conferring nutrients. The result is a sort of superstar of the super juices. Compare Beyond Tangy to Mona-Vie or Xango or Goji or Tahitian Noni and you will note an ORAC score of between 6 and 15 times greater (see comparison chart). As a former distributor of one famous super juice product (BAZI) complained, "Beyond Tangy makes our product look like Kool-Aid!"

If you are ready to open up the throttle on your internal health engine and really pull away from the pack, consider Beyond Tangy to be your fuel of choice. To round things out, also, you might consider including a bottle of EFA Plus and a bottle of Majestic Earth OsteoFX Plus. The EFA contains essential fatty acids we can't include in our liquid drinks without using dangerous chemical emulsifiers and the OsteoFX Plus completes the Beyond Tangy formula by delivering that set of major minerals we all need an extra quantity of. As a matter of fact, if you decide on the threesome listed above (Beyond Tangy, EFA Plus & Majestic Earth OsteoFX Plus), why not get it as a combo-Kit and save a little money? That's right we offer the three as a Specialty Health Pack called the "Healthy Start Kit," link here for details

*ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity measured the capacity of a substance to nutralize free radicals and stop oxidative cell damage.

To learn details concerning the ingredients Beyond Tangy contains please click here

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