• Youngevity - Majestic Earth Minerals
  • Youngevity - Majestic Earth Minerals

Contact Us

By email: questions@majesticearth-minerals.com

Since the above is a publicly advertised email address we get mountains of spam. To avoid this we have installed Ekleener. The first note you send to us will trigger a challenge note from Ekleener. You will be asked to type in a simple series of characters. Ekleener differentiates between personal (human generated) email and machine-generated email in this way. Once you spend the 15 seconds of time it requires to respond to the challenge letter, you will never receive another challenge letter. Sorry, in advance, for any inconvenience this may cause.

By Telephone: 800-290-6124

We answer from 7 am Pacific Standard time until 5 pm Pacific Standard time, Monday through Friday.

If you do NOT get an answer your call will be directed to voice mail. We monitor voice mail throughout normal business hours and also on the weekends and during holidays. Sometimes you can reach us in person on the weekends and during holidays.

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